Journal Chronicles (1): Sojourner Notebooks

I’ve previously talked about my Sojourner Notebooks from Rowena, but since the post got deleted, I figured why not write another one. I absolutely love my Sojourners, and highly recommend Rowena’s work.

Rowena’s Sojourner Notebooks are Traveler’s Notebook-esque notebooks. They’re made from leather and are basically covers for your notebooks. It’s a system that allows you to carry multiple thin notebooks instead of a single thick notebook. (Granted, you can put a thicker notebook in a Traveler’s Notebook too.) Kind of like carrying multiple Moleskine Cahier notebooks instead of a single Moleskine hardcover notebook. The leather covers are meant to last and tend to have a very rustic feel to them, showing scratches and tanning over time as you travel with them or use them every day. (It’s kind of weird for me to use such a thing since I’m also the kind of person that tries to keep all of my possessions looking like new. I’m totally a “don’t remove the plastic until I absolutely have to” kind of person.)

There are many makers of Traveler’s Notebook style notebooks, such as Foxy Fix (which I highly recommend if you want a ton of customization and/or bright colors). However, what I particularly love about, Rowena’s Sojourners are that they’re light and very portable. When she designs a new notebook style, it’s from her own use and her own traveling. She has a ton of pocket options and variations. Also, a part of her profits helps to fund mission trips, which I think is absolutely fantastic!

As you can see, I have quite an extensive collection since I purchased my first one back in 2015. Most of them are Field Notes size or B6 slim, which is about an inch or so shorter than the standard Traveler’s Notebook size. I don’t use them all at once, but I do change them out frequently depending on my needs and how much I need to carry. Some of them have multiple strands inside to hold multiple notebooks. Some of them only have one strand. Some of them have pockets. Some of them don’t. I have a wide variety in my opinion, which I will use based upon my needs. (That reminds me, I have yet to get a bi-fold with pockets or tri-fold style…)

& You may be wondering, how can I possibly use so many notebooks at once? Well, I’ll go into detail about my system in a different post, but here are some of the notebooks I currently use frequently:

In my every day carry B6 Slim size, I have a bullet journal, reading journal, and commonplace notebook.

In my every day carry Passport size, I have a monthly calendar and a brain dump notebook.

In my work Sojourner Standard size, I have a monthly calendar and notebook for notes.

So as you can see, I write a lot. I also like to compartmentalize, keeping work separate from personal and my reading journal separate from all of my other journaling. Plus, a lot of my work stuff can’t really be shared anyway. & At the end of the day, I don’t mind saying I’m a stationary hoarder. I can hoard pens and notebooks all day along with my books. Haha! 😀

Are you the kind of person that always has pen and paper on hand? Do you own a Traveler’s Notebook or something similar? I’d love to know!

Note: I was not paid to write this post or feature the Sojourner Notebook. All products pictured have been purchased by myself, and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Flo

    What a nice picture of your covers! Lucky you! I am considering to add a Rowena’s cover to my Travellers notebook collection… Thanks for your article!

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