Dingbats* Notebook
Review of the Dingbats* Wildlife notebook on my blog.
Purchase links: Amazon, Dingbats*

Field Notes 
Field Notes notebooks are not fountain pen friendly, but they’re my preferred pocket-size notebook. I love how they come out with new editions each season.
Purchase links: Amazon, Field Notes

Leuchtturm1917 120g Notebook
I prefer the 120g notebook over their original 80gsm, but I do have and enjoy the original as well.
Purchase links: Amazon, Jenni Bick, Leuchtturm1917 US

Maruman Mnemosyne N105 Special Memo Notebook 
I love the binding and how the page is laid out with a large title section. Although, the paper seems a bit toothier than other notebooks, and the pen doesn’t quite glide as smoothly across the page. Overall, it’s quite nice and holds up well with fountain pens.
Purchase links: Amazon, Goulet Pens, JetPens

Rhodia Notepads 
I prefer the Rhodia Ice Pad (it’s the one seen in some of my TikTok videos), but they have a wide variety of great quality notebooks in various sizes.
Purchase links: Amazon, Goulet Pens, Jenni BickJetPens

Stalogy Notebook
Review of the Stalogy 365 days on my blog. I have the green cover, which is a 2021 limited edition color. It may not be widely available anymore, but Jenni Bick and JetPens may still have some (last checked: 08/27/21).
Purchase links: Amazon, Jenni BickJetPensYoseka Stationery

Stalogy also came out with a new dot grid notebook in the A5 size!
Purchase links: Amazon, JetPens, Yoseka Stationery