FCJ #1: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling was the first book in my First Chapters Journal (FCJ) Project. I used Diamine Aurora Borealis in my Pilot Kakuno with a fine nib. Why did I choose this book? It seemed fitting to start my FCJ Project with a childhood favorite: Harry Potter and the […]

Intro to First Chapters Project

What is the First Chapters Journaling Project? The First Chapters Journaling Project is quite simple. It’s a journal that I’m keeping with handwritten copies of the first chapters of my favorite books. I started the project in April 2021 primarily as a way to explore my newfound love for fountain pens and inks. The idea […]

Stalogy Editor’s Series 365Days Notebook Review

I have been using the Stalogy Editor’s Series 365Days Notebook for almost 2 months now. So I figured I’ve used it enough to really share my thoughts on this notebook. Features of the notebook The Stalogy features a very minimalist design. It has a plain softcover with some branding in gold. (All of the stickers […]

Journal Chronicles (5): Galen Leather A5 Zip Folio

If you’re looking for a journaling system that contains basically everything you need for on-the-go writing, the Galen Leather A5 Zip Folio is a superb option. I purchased mine for my birthday back in February through Goulet Pens. Galen Leather is based in Istanbul-Turkey. So I was a tad worried about shipping due to the […]

Journal Chronicles (4): Dingbats* Notebook A6 Review

Have you guys heard about Dingbats* Notebooks? I purchased an A6 size Dingbats* Wildlife Red Kangaroo edition in the dot grid when they were donating some of their sales to the World Wildlife Fund in Australia. (Normally, they donate some of their sales to the WWF in the UK.) I’ve been meaning to try out […]

Journal Chronicles (1): Sojourner Notebooks

I’ve previously talked about my Sojourner Notebooks from Rowena, but since the post got deleted, I figured why not write another one. I absolutely love my Sojourners, and highly recommend Rowena’s work. Rowena’s Sojourner Notebooks are Traveler’s Notebook-esque notebooks. They’re made from leather and are basically covers for your notebooks. It’s a system that allows you […]