My Takeaways from Hamilton: An American Musical

Like many people, I have been a fan of Hamilton: An American Musical since I first heard it back in 2016. However, I never had the means or opportunity to see Hamilton on stage. So I was very excited to see Lin-Manuel Miranda’s creation with the original Broadway cast from the comfort of my own home through Disney+. & It did not disappoint! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I highly recommend checking out the trailer.

Now, I know many people have thoughts about Hamilton and are debating the historical accuracy of it or discussing Jonathan Groff’s spitting performance. Ultimately, I always viewed Hamilton as a work of art, and like with any art form, there are varying ways to interpret it, which are all valid. I personally didn’t have any issues with its historical inaccuracies. (Hamilton is more like historical fiction loosely based on Ron Chernow’s biography Alexander Hamilton.) I also didn’t have any issue with its lack of discussion on slavery. In fact, I think its limited discussion emphasized the fact that the Founding Fathers did nothing meaningful to end slavery.

But despite all of the debate, I think Hamilton is a very inspiring story told in an interesting way. Here are my main takeaways from watching Hamilton:

1. We have progressed a lot since America then to America now, but we still have a long way to go, especially in regards to diversity.

2. Words matter. They matter when they’re written or spoken. They matter when they’re presented in long-form or through a short text.

3. You have to be open to the opportunities that are presented to you. Basically, don’t throw away your shot.

4. When you believe in something, it’s better to take a stand than to stick to the sidelines, but also, know to pick your battles wisely. Be a mixture of both Burr and Hamilton.

5. Your legacy has less to do with the position you hold in society and more to do with the effect you have on people. Being in a position of power is meaningless if you’re not a true leader and people don’t respect you.

Anyway, Hamilton was fantastic, and I think the fact that people can watch a Broadway musical for less than the price of a Broadway ticket is simply amazing. The story was great, the cast was phenomenal, and the music and lyrics absolutely resonate. I highly recommend it even if you’re not a Broadway fan.

Have you watched Hamilton? What were your thoughts on the musical?