Hello, March.

March has somehow snuck up on me. I’m just not ready for you. There’s so much I wanted to get done in February that just didn’t happen. But alas, I have no choice but to welcome you.

February was a rollercoaster of a month. I turned 28, which means it’s been nearly 10 years since I’ve graduated high school. (OMG. I’m an adult, and there’s no going back.) I went on a vacation to Disney World and on a Disney Cruise. It was lots of fun. Feel free to check out my Instagram, if you’d like to check out some photos from my trip. & I feel emotionally drained from this past week of ~60 hours worth of work that nearly left me crying for a new job. (Okay, not really but kind of?)

I’m ready for a vacation, please.

Anyway, as you can imagine, I barely read this past month. Disney is a very go-go-go kind of vacation. All the rides and the character greetings and the shows and the fireworks and the parades. It’s exhausting. I hope to catch up this month, especially since there are A TON of new books coming out I’m looking forward to. I also hope to catch up on sleep and on all the TV shows I’ve missed. I seriously need more hours in the day.

Anyway, let’s dive right into my most anticipated releases this month.

1. A Question of Holmes by Brittany Cavallaro (3/5) – This is the fourth and final(?) book of the Charlotte Holmes series. I think it’s the final book anyway. It’s a retelling of Sherlock Holmes following teenagers Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson. I’ve always wanted to dive into this series. I love the idea of Sherlock Holmes retellings. & If this is the final book, I’m thinking this is a great time to schedule a binge read.

2. Field Notes on Love by Jennifer E. Smith (3/5) – Jennifer E. Smith is a popular YA contemporary romance author, but I’ve had mixed success with her books. Some I absolutely love, while others are just okay. What has me drawn to Field Notes on Love, in particular, is the fact that one of the characters is an aspiring filmmaker and the idea of a train trip across the US. I’ve never really been on a road trip or a cross country train trip, but I really love the idea of taking that sort of trip one day. Maybe the train trip. I’m not really a fan of driving.

3. Internment by Samira Ahmed (3/19) – This is one of those fiction books that I think will hit close to home. It brings up a tough topic, and a book I think will definitely stir up discussion whether you enjoy the book or not.

4. Once & Future by Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy (3/26) – I don’t think I’ve ever read a King Arthur retelling. I’ve never been particularly interested in the King Arthur story. However, Once & Future has me intrigued. I think it’ll be a fun story to read.

What books are you anticipating this month? Feel free to share in the comments!