It’s June, and it’s apparently summer.

Is it just me or is 2020 proving to be one of the most difficult years in recent history? As if the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t enough, the US is once again in a state of turmoil due to racist actions against Black people of color. Thankfully, we’re gradually making progress regarding the pandemic, and hopefully, we can all adjust to the new normals of our daily lives. Unfortunately, the issues against Black people of color have been an ongoing issue for centuries, and history continues to repeat itself. It’s up to each and every one of us though to educate ourselves, educate others, and be open to change in order for there to be change. & Hopefully, we can promote leaders that actually understand the ramifications of their language and actions that will lead by example in an ethical manner that embraces all people and all cultures.

For more information on ways you can support the Black community, I highly recommend checking out the following website: I also hope everyone will educate themselves on their local politics and government structure. I don’t believe one solution will be a solution for all. The United States of America, in particular, is very different depending on where you live. So understanding who your local politicians are, what kind of policies they support, how your government is structured, and so and so forth are very important in making the appropriate changes towards equality for your community.

Regardless, I’m so over 2020. I’m ready for something better. Hopefully, summer will bring some good news, some positive ideas, and an all-around better time.

Anticipated June Book Releases

Moving onto books. I have a couple of books I’m anticipated for this month.

1. I’ll Be the One by Lyla Lee (6/16): I’m hoping I’ll Be the One will be everything it’s promising to be: Asian representation, promotion of body positivity, and a fun romantic comedy. I can’t imagine the difficulty of competing in a reality TV show to become a K-pop star, especially with the Korean beauty standards. It’s going to be fun reading about Skye Shin doing just that.

2. Seasons of the Storm by Elle Cosimano (6/23): Seasons of the Storm just sounds very intriguing to me. It’s a YA fantasy where all of the seasons are an immortal physical embodiment of a season on Earth, and apparently the seasons must kill each other, I assume to start the new season. So Spring must kill Winter each year. However, Jack and Fleur, Winter and Spring, fall for each other. I’m not exactly sure how this all works, but I’m very interested in seeing how Elle Cosimano pulled this idea off.

What are your most anticipated releases this month?