Hello September!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Honestly, I feel like I’ve gone on a journey with social media, journaling, and reading the last couple of months. It’s been quite the roller coaster. My personal life hasn’t changed. (I’m still in dire need of a vacation.) My reading is still very off and on. But my journaling has been going strong, and somehow, that has translated into my social media skyrocketing.

I never thought of myself as a successful book blogger, and I still don’t see myself as a successful social media person. Somehow though, my TikTok has reached over 10k followers and one of my videos has over 1 million views. What?!? All I can say is that I hope all those people loved the journaling and books featured. & I hope Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin had a bit of a spike in sales. Lol.

Anyway, I think I’m finally ready to tackle this blogging thing again. For the past several months, I feel like my Instagram served as a “mini-blog” of sorts. My captions were very long, and I loved the engagement I was getting. I don’t plan on stopping my Instagram anytime soon, but I’m ready to bring back some longer written form content. Sometimes all my thoughts can’t be summed up in a TikTok video or Instagram post.

So hello again. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the mix of content I’m hoping to share, which ranges from books to journaling to stationery and probably some other random topics thrown in. Is anyone interested in some forensic science content? Let me know!

Welcome to my blog, and I hope you stick around. 🙂

Most Anticipated September Book Releases

& Of course, before you go, let’s talk about my most anticipated September book releases. I feel like these are the books I’ve been waiting ALL YEAR for. Hopefully, I can get my hands on them (sorry, poor wallet) and read them soon.

1. The Hawthorne Legacy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (9/7): Jennifer Lynn Barnes is hands down one of my favorite authors. I haven’t read a book from her that I haven’t loved yet! I’m super excited for this series to continue. I’m sure it’s going to end on a cliffhanger since they’ve announced book 3, but that’s okay. I need more of these Hawthorne brothers!

2. As Good As Dead by Holly Jackson (9/27): I only read the first book in this series, which was so good! I’m 100% planning on binging the entire series now that the last book is about to release. It seems like September is a month for YA mystery books. I’m so here for it!

What book releases are you most looking forward to this month?