Yet Another Random Update…Hello October!

This year is absolutely FLYING BY! I can’t believe it’s October already! September was a bit of a rough month. It was a lot of overtime at work, and I had a business trip. It’s simply been crazy! I’m hoping that things will slow down now as we approach the holiday season. I do have a vacation coming up in mid-October. That’ll be a nice, much needed break from work, I’m sure.

As the end of the year nears (there’s only 3-months guys!), I’m hoping to get back into reading. According to Goodreads, I’ve read 26/50 books for my goal this year… Challenge Accepted! Plus I should have time to read while on vacation… I also hope to get back into journaling (especially book journaling) and to figure out my 2018 planning/journaling/etc. system. I think I have it all planned out, but sticking to that plan will be the struggle.

& Since it’s been a while, here are some of the new releases that I’ve been excited for/looking forward to.

Warcross by Marie Lu (9/12) – I’m really intrigued by this book. I’m not a huge video game fan, but coming off of Ready Player One, I think I’m still very into reading books that feature this video game/virtual reality sort of thing. I’m also really digging the Asian characters. As an Asian, I don’t think we’re ever represented enough. (It’s definitely getting better. Thank you, all of you amazing, wonderful authors!!) & I’ve also heard great things about Marie Lu’s work.

I’m actually currently reading this book since it came in my Uppercase Box. (If you don’t know what that is, be sure to check it out.) I’m currently on Chapter 7. To be honest, while I’m enjoying the book thus far, I’m a bit disappointed with the overall design of the book. The rainbow colors are gorgous, but I totally wish they did something with the book itself. I was a tad disappointed when I took off the dust jacket to find nothing but the title on the spine. For some reason I was just expecting more.

Devils & Thieves by Jennifer Rush (10/3) – The only reason why I’m anticipating this is because I enjoyed Jennifer Rush’s Altered series. I’m not sure I’ll actually like Devils & Thieves. I’m also skeptical because it doesn’t have the greatest reviews on Goodreads, but I’m hopeful .

Top Ten by Katie Cotugno (10/3) – Lastly, there’s Top Ten by Katie Cotugno. I’ve never read a book by Katie Cotugno. I did, however, think the synopsis was cute, and I think I could seriously use a feel good, quick read, contemporary romance in my line up. The last contemporary romance I read was back in July… That absolutely blows my mind considering I’m usually mostly a contemporary reader opposed to science fiction, fantasty, etc.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to fall. I’m not a pumpkin spice fan at all, but I’ll definitely be getting my hands on some pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheese cake. Yumm… Now that’s my favorite part of fall! Catch you all later and happy reading!! 🙂