Half the year has gone by!

It’s July guys. It’s already July. I can’t believe we’re halfway through 2018. July is actually a fairly big month for me. I’ll be traveling towards the end of the month for work, and I make 2-years at my current job. YAY! I think it’ll be an exciting and busy month.

Hauled Books in June

I shockingly bought books in June! LOL. I’ve been trying to stick to only borrowing library books lately in hopes of saving money. So I haven’t bought many books in the past year. However, in June, there was the Friends of the Library of Hawai’i annual book sale. Of course, I went to check it out. There was a wide array of selection, and the sale also included DVDs, music CDs, vintage books, and more. Also if you were looking for Fifty Shades of Grey, the Divergent series, the Hunger Games series, or the Twilight series, you were definitely in luck.

What I bought was Nearly Found by Elle Cosimano, the follow up to Nearly Gone. I’ve been meaning to read this book for ages. The copy I found appears to be a former library book. So I’ll probably pass it on to someone else after I read it, but for $2, I figured I might as well buy it. Nearly Gone was a very good YA mystery with a chemistry inspired twist. I’m hoping for much of the same with Nearly Found.

I also bought the entire Heros of Olympus series by Rick Riordan. These appear to be gently used hardcover copies. So I’m very excited by this find. I haven’t read the series yet, but now I have a reason to binge read them all.

My July Most Anticipated Book Releases

To be honest, there aren’t any books I’m super excited for. I absolutely can’t believe it. I think it’s mainly because I have so many books I need to read this month. Heros of Olympus is now staring at me to binge read them all. I hope to finish reading the Codex Alera series.

So many books. So little time.

My July Most Anticipated Movies

Okay. So there are a ton of movies coming out in July, but I’m not super excited for any of them as in “OMG I MUST see this!!” Not even Ant-Man and the Wasp. (Granted, I have yet to watch Ant-Man…) I do kind of want to watch Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again though. I’m such a sucker for musicals.

With that being said, how do you feel that half the year is gone? Are you excited for the next 6-months? Also, are there any books or movies you think I MUST read or watch? Let me know in the comments. 😀