Hello November!

I can’t believe it’s November already. That means only two more months until 2019. November brings a lot of holidays and the elections for the United States. I’m ready to see some change in our government, and I’m more than ready to eat lots of pie on Thanksgiving. (Who cares about turkey? Just give me pumpkin pie!) What I am not ready for is the end of 2018. I feel like the year went by so quickly, and I don’t feel like I accomplished much.

Regardless of my mixed feelings, November, of course, brings us new books. & I am so so ready for these new reads. So if you’re one of my gift giving friends, feel free to buy me one of these books for the holidays. šŸ˜›

1.Ā Little White Lies by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (11/6) – I don’t know much about the wholeĀ debutante thing besides what I see on television. I think it’s something like a pageant but with more southern charm. Someone, please feel free to educate me on this. Anyway,Ā Little White Lies is about a girl that enters the debutante season under the urging of herĀ estranged grandmother and with a six-figure contract, but of course, she somehow uncovers a bunch of secrets. Jennifer Lynn Barnes is one of my FAVORITE authors for YA mysteries. So I’m hopingĀ Little White Lies doesn’t disappoint. If you have not read Jennifer Lynn Barnes’Ā The NaturalsĀ series, I urge you to check that out.

2.Ā Empress of All SeasonsĀ by Emiko Jean (11/6) – I feel like 2018 was a big win for more Asian representation in mainstream media in the United States.Ā Empress of All Seasons just adds to that with a Japanese inspired fantasy. YES! This is my culture, and I’m so excited to see how Emiko Jean uses it to createĀ Empress of All Seasons. InĀ Empress of All Seasons, there’s a competition, there’s a prince, and there are yokai, which areĀ supernatural monsters and spirits. I WANT THIS BOOK! It sounds fantastic. I hope my library gets it, but if not, I’ll definitely have to buy it.

3.Ā The Lying Woods by Ashley Elston (11/13) – Ashley Elston is also one of my FAVORITE authors for YA mysteries. InĀ The Lying Woods, Owen is dealing with the fallout of his father’s crime. His father embezzled millions of money from people in his small town through his business and disappeared leaving behind Owen and his mother. So, of course, Owen must get to the bottom of things, especially as the treats escalate against his family. I am expecting a page-turning mystery from Elston. If you haven’t checked outĀ The Rules for Disappearing orĀ This is Our Story, I highly recommend them.

I hope everyone is excited for November. šŸ™‚ Let me know what books you’re most excited for that are releasing this month! Happy Reading!