Hello 2020!

It’s 2020! Happy New Year, Everyone! Are you all ready for 2020 and for January? I have my planner/journal all setup. I’m not sure if it’ll work out for me. It’s a larger size than I’m used to carrying, but I got this! January is starting off fairly busy for me, I think. I have […]

Hello, November.

It’s November already! Can you believe it? I just got back from a work trip to a Chicago suburb, and it was down right winter there. There was even a day where it snowed most of the day. Absolutely crazy! It’s only fall, isn’t it? I did get to make a snowman though. That was […]

Well, it’s October.

It’s October already, and supposedly fall is in full swing. Not that it feels anything like fall here in Hawaii. It’s still quite hot outside. I can’t believe we’re coming near the end of the year already! Life has been pretty quiet lately since coming back from my vacation at the end of September. It […]

Hello, July!

Can you believe it’s July? We’re halfway through 2019. That’s crazy! June was a bit of a rough month. I hardly blogged. I was also having a ton of issues with my plug-ins, which I think I’ve finally resolved. I didn’t read a whole lot either. I think I spent most of my free time […]

Hello, June.

Well, June is upon us, and we’re nearly halfway through the month. I didn’t mean to be this delayed in blogging, but I think I may be going on an unintended hiatus until July. Work is weird with a lot of coworkers on vacation, and the first few days of June were crazy. With family […]

Hello, May!

It’s yet again another month. April was an interesting month for me. Things slowed down considerably at work, and my reading game has been strong. Lol. I read many of my May anticipated releases, and I reread a ton of books. I’m crossing my fingers that May will be much of the same. I have […]

Hello, April!

So… I don’t know about you, but April kind of just snuck up on me. March was a pretty rough month. I got back from vacation at the end of February and was just hit by a train with work and stuff. Work has been extremely busy, and I was sick for a bit last […]