Hello Fall! It’s October!

It’s a new month, and fall is now upon us. We don’t feel the effects of fall much here in Hawaii, but I am very excited for some cooler temperatures. ­čÖé My most favorite thing about fall is the start of prime-time tv shows! I’m excited to watch some of my favorites like NCIS, the […]

Hello September!

It’s September guys! How are you all doing? I’m just hopping on here really quick to share a couple of September book releases I’m excited for. I was hoping to share more, but this Labor Day holiday weekend turned out to be a bit more busy than anticipated. I actually should be headed to work […]

Quotes from Codex Alera Series by Jim Butcher

I recently finished reading the six book series┬áCodex Alera by Jim Butcher. It was a fantastic fantasy series with tons of action (there are quite a few wars that occur) and also some great quotes. I highly recommend reading it! I notated my favorite quotes in my book journal and thought I’d share a few […]

It’s August!

Summer is definitely here! It’s absoultely hot in Hawaii, and it seems like the weather is pretty crazy all across the norhtern hemisphere. July ended on a crazy note for me. I went on a work trip and had one of my worst experiences with filght situations yet. I haven’t read much since leaving for […]

Bookish Thoughts: Tracking Your Reading

I’ve been wondering how everyone keeps track of their reading. There are many ways to do so out there, and if you’re an avid reader like I am and suffer from book amnesia, I’d definitely suggest keeping track of your reading somehow. Tracking Reading Online Tracking reading online is ideal if you enjoy socializing with […]

Half the year has gone by!

It’s July guys. It’s already July. I can’t believe we’re halfway through 2018. July is actually a fairly big month for me. I’ll be traveling towards the end of the month for work, and I make 2-years at my current job. YAY! I think it’ll be an exciting and busy month. Hauled Books in June […]

Hello June!

June is upon us, which means SUMMER BABY! I love summer. Yes, here in Hawaii, it does mean extra hot days, possible humidity, and hurricane season, but it also means beach days, lots of sun, summer blockbuster movies, and feel-good, summery books. (Although, I don’t think my list of anticipated reads has many feel-good, summery […]

It’s Almost May!

Hey guys! It’s good to be back. I’m not gonna lie. It’s been a bit difficult these past several weeks. I was in a horrendous BOOK SLUMP. My personal life has been a tad stressful. I’ve fallen way behind in my planners and journals. (Totally fell off the wagon.) There was a bunch of cleaning […]

Hey, It’s March!

It’s already mid-March, guys. Obviously, I’m so behind in the world of books. To be honest, I haven’t been reading much. I used to be ahead in my Goodreads challenge by like 2-3 books. Now I’m just on track. I’m in a terrible reading slump. (I’m also trying to desperately save all my money, and […]

Trying Non-Fiction Books

I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t read non-fiction. I’ve avoided it most of my life. I always felt that I read enough non-fiction in school and work. Between textbooks, scientific journals, the news, I wanted reading to be an escape from the real world. So fiction it was. This year, I’m trying […]