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Bookish Thoughts: DNF-ing Books

Posted 27 March, 2017 by Amy in Bookish Thoughts / 0 Comments

Have you marked a book as DNF (did not finish) before? Or are you someone that pushes through till the end, hoping the book will improve as it progresses? If you’re the second, I applaud your persistence. It’s something I no longer have…. Back before book blogging, I used to complete EVERY BOOK I read. (The only exception was required reading. I do not like being told what to read when my personal TBR is on the verge of toppling over.) As I entered college and my free time dwindled, I realized that I no longer had enough time to read EVERYTHING, and truly, life is too short to be reading a book that fails to capture my attention. Thus, I began DNF-ing books. I am not sure how others base their DNF-in decision making, but for me, it is mainly time-based. Typically when a book captures my attention, I […]

Exciting March Releases

Posted 6 March, 2017 by Amy in Bookish Thoughts / 0 Comments
Exciting March Releases

Can you believe it’s already March? February sure flew by as quite the rollercoaster. I’m actually quite glad it’s over. February ended on quite the stressful note. I’m hoping March ends up going much better. ūüôā As always, with a new month comes more new releases. Here are a few March releases I’m most excited for: 1.¬†Hunted by Meagan Spooner (3/14) – I’m totally digging all of the¬†Beauty and the Beast love going on right now. I’m also quite excited for the movie! So, ever since I heard about¬†Hunted, a¬†Beauty and the Beast retelling, I’ve been wanting to read it! I’m very excited. 2.¬†The Hidden Memory of Objects by Danielle Mages Amato (3/21) – This YA mystery with a girl that can see memories attached to objects has me very intrigued. I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m very interested in diving into this one. What books are you […]

Bookish Thoughts: Book Subscription Boxes

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Do you subscribe to book subscription boxes, like¬†Uppercase or OwlCrate? Have you been thinking about possibly subscribing to one? Well, I’ve subscribed to a few book subscription boxes over the last couple of years, and personally, I really enjoy getting them. Plus I’m the kind of person that enjoys getting snail mail! So here are my thoughts on what to consider when picking a book subscription box. 1. Do you often preorder a lot of books or buy a lot of books when the day it’s released?¬†If you do, a book subscription box may not be for you. Book subscription boxes often are sent out towards the middle/end of the month and often contain a book released that month. So there’s a high possibility that you may end up with duplicate books if you tend to preorder or purchase a lot of books on release day. 2. What type of […]