About Me

Hello! My name is Amy (a.k.a. Aya). Thank you for stopping by my blog!

If you don’t know me, I’ve been blogging since September 2013, and I primarily blog about books. I read a lot of YA and adult fiction of varying genres. My favorite, however, will always be mystery/thriller and romance. So if you’re looking to talk about books, you’ve come to the right place!

I’m also a HUGE fan of journals and planners. I’m not a writer, but I sure like to write a lot. I’m positive I’ll be blogging about that as well on occasion. You may also see the sporadic film or t.v. review or discussion, since that is another passion of mine. (I have a minor in film/t.v./digital media.) Sadly, I don’t get to see movies too often in theaters. They’re just so expensive!

In real life, I’m a scientist, and previously, I was a bookseller for approximately three years.

Thank you for stopping by! & Feel free to reach out to me to discuss books, journaling, planners, films, t.v. shows, science, or whatever else! I’d love to interact with my readers. 🙂

As always, Happy Reading!

Note: You may have noticed a lot of my old blogging content is missing. It got deleted in an unfortunate accident. For my old book reviews (pre-2017), please check out my Goodreads page and/or my Booklikes page.